Econo Cycle Service

From Econocycle to Econocycle Service –
keeping it in the family

Econocycle has been a trusted name in the manufacturing, installation and servicing of wastewater and septic systems since 1988.

Previously known as Septic Solutions, Econocycle was established by Principal Robert Day to fill a gap in the wastewater industry. A plumber for over 25 years, Bob recognised that there was a better way to handle domestic wastewater than the septic systems available at the time. Following intensive research and development, Bob gained NSW Health Department approval to manufacture locally, and Econocycle has been manufacturing wastewater and septic solutions ever since (Bob’s son now owns the manufacturing business).

Econocycle Service – delivering quality service and workmanship

Following installation of a septic system, it is a legal requirement that your system be regularly serviced. Econocycle Service was developed to meet this need, utilising the knowledge and expertise gained from Econocycle and leveraging it for our clients’ benefit.

As a service specialist we:

  • Test your water quality
  • Carry out a complete inspection of your irrigation system
  • Adjust air supply controls as required
  • Monitor sludge levels and adjust sludge return controls
  • Ensure the complete operation of your system, and
  • Provide a written report to both you and your local authority.


Now a team of ten (and remaining a family business), Econocycle Service operates across NSW, servicing regional areas as well as Sydney. We began importing Italian pumps and Taiwanese blowers in response to a demise in Australian-manufactured wastewater products, and are the exclusive NSW distributors of quality Pedrollo products.

Our aim? To provide you with complete peace of mind. Peace of mind that your septic system is not only safe, but also 100% compliant with all Council and Health Department regulations and requirements.

Your safety is in our hands, and we take that responsibility very seriously.